Underwater Aquarium Repair

Midgard Divers focus on quality first, above all else. Founded in 1991, our company specializes in underwater repairs to aquarium and zoo exhibits and sensitive water systems. CEO and Founder, Drew Anderson, has spent over 20 years dedicated to the development of unique materials, tools, and techniques that allow a safe application of our distinctive services.

underwater coating repair

Coating Repair

We specialise in the underwater application of coatings that allow for the hard surfaces of the aquarium to be protected from corrosion and saltwater damage over time, all while maintaining the integrity of the water quality and exhibit environment.

underwater concrete restoration

Concrete Restoration

Midgard Divers has extensive experience underwater concrete restoration. We are able to repair cracks, spalls, and teat corroded structural steel caused by water and chloride ion penetration.

underwater leak detection & prevention

Leak Detection & Prevention

Midgard Divers will be able to inspect your aquarium for leaks and provide long term preventative solutions. There simply is no better team at finding and repairing leaks.

underwater polishing


Clear, unscratched acrylic vastly improves a visitor’s experience. Midgard Divers has perfected techniques in polishing acrylic underwater and dry.

underwater silicone seal restoration

Silicone Seal Restoration

Silicone Seals are likely the most critical part of your aquarium. Everyone has issues with them sooner or later. Midgard Divers has a technique for full replacement of the silicone, underwater.

underwater theme installation

Theme Installation

Whether it be a brand-new installation or perhaps artificial coral that needs replacement, the Midgard Divers team is highly trained to create a mesmerizing visual impact – with your goals in mind.


Midgard Divers prides ourselves in offering innovative and advanced service that couples sound economic and environmental practices