Our team of divers received a special invitation from Tivoli Gardens Aquarium in Copenhagen, Denmark for an important task: underwater acrylic polishing.

Underwater Acrylic Polishing Project in Copenhagen, Denmark
The primary objective was to eliminate surface scratches, restoring clarity and shine to the acrylic, essentially making it look in brand new condition. The area of acrylic to be polished was of approximately 130 square meters. Completing this challenging task required four weeks of diving efforts.
To achieve this goal, two divers were submerged in the water simultaneously, conducting two separate dives each day. They utilized six different grades of sandpaper, ranging from coarse to fine, to remove prominent scratches and refine the surface to a smooth, glossy finish. This meticulous process demanded expertise and attention to detail, which our team executed successfully. The sanding operation was facilitated by pneumatic sanders powered by a compressor, enabling efficient and precise work underwater.

The team’s diver Nicky in action

Underwater Acrylic Polishing Project in Copenhagen, Denmark
Our diving heroes: Inma, Nicky, David and Linus
Despite the complexity of the task, our divers demonstrated exceptional skill and professionalism throughout the project. Through their dedication and expertise, our team effectively restored the acrylic surfaces of Tivoli Gardens Aquarium in Copenhagen, Denmark, ensuring optimal clarity and visual appeal for visitors to enjoy.

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